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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  September 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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a bay area jam and now we learn the rson inside was a ceo. >> volkswagen apologizes for technology in their vehicles. pope francis has arrived in america. the pope touched down 1:00 our time this afternoon. he was greeted by president obama, the first lady and their two daughters as well as vice president joe biden who is catholic. his wife jill and their daughters and with that welcome to the four on( -- 2 everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm keba arnold. >> and tara moriarty is covering the pope's visit to america. >> reporter: good evening we actually landed less than three hours ago. we drove through the city.
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you know to get here to the capital which you can see behind us. a lot of the streets were blocked off for the pope's procession tomorrow. we arrived and guess who was sitting next to us on the plane. that is san francisco's arch bishop. we asked him what he thinks about people's reaction to the pope. >> he is able to cut through filter, cut through media, cut through spins. he has an ability, people feel like they have an emotional connection with them. kind of like your big brother. it's kind of a style that's down to earth and easily relatable. >> reporter: the pope is staying at the vatican embassy.
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and what a welcome, the president and his entire family greeting the pope. and a group of local students from a catholic school giving him flowers. and the crowd chanting hoho, hey, hey, hey welcome to the usa. and at 4:15 at catholic university the canonization mass for father serra who is the first his pan priest to be made a saint. he started the missions from texas to san francisco. we're actually going to meet the two men who are going to be participating in that canonization mass tomorrow. they're from a local indian tripe called ilonis. with very different takes on this canonization, back to you. >> whether or not to welcome gays into the catholic church is being debated by some u.s.
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bishops out there. i wonder if in your conversation with the arch bishop if that came up. >> reporter: he is expected to talk about immigration. i did not bring up the question with salvator cardioloni because he gets that question quite a lot and he was in such good spirits headed out here to this trip. and we did talk about how this particular pope is so active on global warming and climate change. he is expected to address the un while he's in new york. another thing that's in his heart is income inequality. he also has as i said before been referred to as the people's pope. he will be on thursday, after his joint session in congress, instead of meeting with lawmakers he is going to be sitting down with homeless people here in washington, d.c. to eat his meal. >> also tara, when we talked
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about security there. we've seen the images what can you expect there in washington, d.c., protecting the pope, the first family and the media, getting your credentials, it's tight there. >> reporter: it is. actually my sister happens to work for the archdiocese and she said a lot of reporters were out of luck because they didn't get their credentials in on time. it is very strict. this is like any time we cover the president of the united states, there's a huge sweep that has to be done for the cameras, the dogs come out. they sniff everything. well you can magnify that a lot for the pope on this obviously a very big deal. they're expected to be at least 20,000 people along the mall tomorrow for the parade. and we know that pope francis, he's sort of a rule breaker. you're not supposed to really when you meet the pope you're not supposed to hug him, you're not supposed to put out your hand. you're supposed to wait for him to do that. but this is a much different pope than we've seen in the past. and it drives his security team crazy. because he's always running out
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in the crowd and you never know what to expect with pope francis. >> we will see you back here at 5:00. thanks tara. pope francis is the fourth pope to visit the united states. benedict 16 came to america in 2008. pope paul ii traveled to the u.s. seven times. pope paul iv was the first to come to the u.s. paul grolanda joining us from st. mary's college in moraga. as we heard tara say the pope has declined to have lunch with lawmakers in dc. instead he wants to meet with homeless, the day laborers. you think his main message is to tell everyone that the church exists to serve the poor. >> i think that's exactly right. this is a man of heart, he is an intelligent man but i think he lives in his heart. and his understanding of the
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gospel is that jesus is present as mother teresa once said in the disguise of the poor and that's exactly where he lives from. >> do you expect the pope, in his address to congress to talk about capitalism and what some say is kind of increasing inequality around the world? >> yeah, i think he will not talk about particular religions. but i think he will talk about a spirituality of relinquishment that in his wholistic view everything is connected. i mentioned a heart, in his heart the poor, global warming, immigration, refugees, it's all part of the one whole and one cannot be looked apart from the other. >> reporter: what about the issue of same-sex marriage i
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asked tara this question about whether she talked about it with the arch bishop. will the pope kind of have a directive, will he bring it up when he talks directly to his bishops here in the states. >> i would be surprised if he did. i do think that in the future, and as we know the catholic church thinks in terms of hundreds of years rather than decades, but i think in a future, the message of diversity in unity is a message that is congenial to gay and lesbian people. that is anorities are part of the grand mosaic that the poem -- pope wants to valorize. i think in the future there's an opening there for people who are in the outs sexually to say yes we too are minorities, we too are outsiders. so we too have a place at the
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table. >> reporter: one of the moments we just watched on video while we're talking is when the pope had a big smile in his face and he was greeting a few children there in the tarmac. we know he jumped into a charcoal gray fiat and rolled the window down symbolizing his humbleness. we do indeed have a humble pope and we'll see that in the next few days. >> he's a master of symbolism and it's authentic symbolism. americans are used to symbolism for its own case if you will. but this is real. he is a truly humble guy. and so he's uncomfortable driving around i'm sure in a mercedes or a cadillac. the fiat is funny though. the fiat is perfect. >> all right there you have it. paul gorlanda, doctor of theology and religious studies there in moraga. thank you for taking the time.
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the chief financial officer of the livermore lab was killed today when police say an 80- year-old woman stepped on the gas pedal instead of the break. she drove right into a gym and physical therapy center hitting several people. john sasaki join us live now with the late -- joins us now live with the latest, what can you tell us. >> reporter: the 80-year-old woman driver was parking right there in front of a lifestyle gym when she hit the gas instead of the break. around 6:30 a.m. the woman's mercedes suv crashed into the front window of that gym and into a group of people working out. six people suffered minor injuries and 49-year-old kathie baker was killed. baker was chief of the police
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lab. >> she drove through the entire gym set on 70 feet and crashed into a classroom wall. >> terrible, it's a terrible shock. you can't prepare for something as, as tragic as this. it's just something that happens in the blink of an eye. and the rest of us are left to deal with it. >> reporter: i talked to a family member at the driver's home and they said they would not be releasing any kind of statement but the woman was very distressed over this accident. police say the woman's name will not be releasing and her license was taken. closing a major freeway off ramp in san leandro right before the morning commute. the suspect was involved in a shooting just before 1:00 this
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morning. it was in oakland near the san leandro border. about half an hour later the suspect was spotted in the long and dangerous police chase ensuing. the suspect was driving the wrong way on the freeway before he got out and started running there alongside the freeway. authorities say he then opened fire on a chp officer who tried to take him into custody. fortunately the officer wasn't hit. >> it almost seems like he was involved in his own real life game of grand theft auto. except he's using real bullets and has real consequences and you don't get to hit the reset button. >> the man is said to have a violent criminal history. two officers are recovering after a deadly shoot out in front of a target store. the officers were trying to serve warrants yesterday afternoon when two men started shooting at the officers. the officers then returned fire
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killing a man. police say the officers wounds are not life threatening. the monterey county district attorney's office is investigating the shooting. we know about the new iphone even apple tv. now everybody is talking about apple's next new thing the apple car. today we're breaking down the rumors about when the apple car could be hitting the road. >> down shore freeze and the clouds back with us. because of it a huge drop in temperatures this afternoon. take a look at your current conditions and where we go from here coming up. >> so how well do you know the pope? you can log on to right now you can test your pontiff's knowledge with your quiz. >> another live look outside, this is traffic down at the 280- 880 split. 280 south is going up there on your screen. obviously you can tell it's sluggish as this tuesday commute gets underway. we'll be right back. cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? ♪ you got to know when to hold'em. ♪
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it is tech tuesday and today we're talking about the apple car. we're being joined by mike. apple serious about the apple car. they're setting a target date of 2019. is that realistic, 2019. >> not really. when people think of a shipping date they mean the day they're going to be out on the lot. i don't think apple itself is
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going to make the car, the way they make their iphones and computers. they will most likely outsource this. i think for a big project like this you can put a year or two of delay that's likely. plus some time for this to become a natural product on the roads with the infrastructure to sell it. i think we're probably looking in a best case scenario at say, 2021 or 2022. >> apple is finding it harder and harder to keep these plans under wraps. when they were asked about this apple car, he said we have thought about these projects along the way and we have decided to place a few of our thoughts into testing. that's pretty vague, what does that mean. >> we know that it's not going
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to be a driveless car. as far as how serious apple is, it appears they're very, very serious. that same wall street article had multiple sources saying apple already employs 600 people on this apple titan that's their code name. they're ramping it up to 1,500 person staff this early in the project. and tesla has complained that apple has been poaching some of their technology workers. the likely reason for the meetings was to get permission to test these cars on the actual highway. so i think we're here in the bay area, we're likely to see apple cars on the highways within the next year.
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>> mike your opinion here. why risk the failure. why not just stick with what they already do well. is it about making more money and do you think these apple fans will be on board and have that same kind of effect that they have with their devices? >> i think the apple fans, the really hard core fans are dying to drive an apple car. i think they would love to. it's an interesting fact that steve jobs himself always dreamed of building a car. so this may have actually started with steve jobs before his death a few years ago. i also think that cars are evolving into essentially large consumer electronics devices. once they're mostly self- driving it becomes a kind of living room on wheels where people consume content. we already see people, families watching videos in their car. certainly always listening to music and that's what apple is interested in is the content delivery system. quick answer, do we have any idea how much this thing would cost? >> no idea but it's an apple product so it's not going to be
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cheap. >> mike elgin from the north bay. mike, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks keba. >> i'm just trying to keep up with the phone. >> i feel i've given apple enough money. i don't know about you. >> i haven't gotten the apple tv yet. one thing at a time right. >> absolutely. >> summer is -- fall is coming. we can already feel it. >> we've the cooler temperatures along the coastline and we're looking at a huge drop of numbers started early on and just kept getting bigger and bigger. 26degrees cooler in fairfield than we were yesterday at this hour. 24 in livermore. santa rosa that takes the cake on this graphic by 28 degrees. you're cooling -- cooler at this hour than we were yesterday. 25 mountain view along the coastline as well. let's take a look at some of those numbers 59 half-moon bay
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as well adds san francisco. a lot of 60s around the bay. 64 hayward. 74 redwood city. san jose you're checking out at 70. some of those inland areas that reached 100 degrees yesterday. 78 livermore. 75 fairfield. low 70s santa rosa. and 67 degrees in napa. just an impressive change over the last 24 hours. the on shore breeze has been quite strong all day long. fairfield still gusting at 75 miles per hour. the marine air back. the strong on shore breeze and that's what it takes to take the temperatures down. take a look at where we have the low clouds at this hour. we banked up along the coastline. a rotation here, you can see just where it is. you're going to see the a's play this evening make sure you bring along a jacket. it's going to be a little cool and a little breezy. as we get into the evening hours the low clouds will be back. slightly warmer for tomorrow. a bigger heat up for the second part of the business week but it's not going to last.
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we're looking at temperatures falling back as we get into the first weekend of fall. overnight lows, for tomorrow, a lot of 50s out there. 59degrees in oakland. 58 san francisco. tomorrow morning getting out the door mountain view low 50s in your forecast. 50s in livermore. afternoon highs for tomorrow, very similar to today. could be slightly warmer in some areas. low 80sment canned right around napa as well as santa rosa, san rafael, our inland east bay -- low 80s tomorrow. closer to the bay partly cloudy skies redwood city. 77 in oakland and 72 expected in san francisco. along the coast partly cloudy with 70 degrees in the forecast. the extended forecast here again showing you how we're going to continue with this mild weather as we get into tomorrow.
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the first day of fall, the equinox right around 1:21 in the morning we'll wake up and have that transition already under way. temperatures still going to warm back up so the first few days of fall going to feel a little bit like summer. then as we get into your bay area weekend temperatures will cool once again back into the low to mid-80s for our inland cities. >> rosemary thank you. volkswagen admits it cheated and special software was installed in some 11 million vehicles to do it. now the company is apologizing as it faces more than $1 billion in fines for failing to meet emission standards. we'll explain how it all works. >> and control rents on hold. we're talking to the group that halted it by pushing for a ballot measure. why they want the idea to go before the voters.
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many volkswagen vehicles have the reputation for burning cleaner fuel but turns out that's not true and volkswagen knew it. and that's because they installed technology that appeared it was doing so when tested. today vw said as many as 11 million of its diesel cars around the world may have been outfitted with software to cheat the emissions test. vw says the software allows vehicles to drive more powerfully while dumping as much as 40 times the legal
4:26 pm
limit of pollution into the air. the vehicles are not complying with those standards during real world driving conditions. the standards themselves are almost useful. >> in the u.s. volkswagen has stopped selling the models that had the cheating software and it's recalling half the million cars that it already sold. those cars include the audi a3 as well as vw beetles, golf and jetta's from model years 2009 to 2015. and the stock continues to take a hit. 17% today. 31% over the last few days. >> i heard a report that they're just going to throw out their projections for the rest of the year knowing this is going to cost them a lot of money. a city in california was the first to pass a rent controlled summit we're sitting down with the organization who's now taking the ordinance
4:27 pm
to the ballot box. >> and the blood moon was last seen in april, but it's coming back. and this time people say it's a spectacle of an omen for things to come.
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are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school
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and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at it's been 30 years since the california city approved new rent controlled measures but in july that's exactly what the city of richmond did. but now that new ordinance is on hold after a group says it
4:30 pm
collected more than enough signatures to prevent the ordinance from going into law. today in the four by four we're taking four minutes during the 4:00 to talk to the association about the move to take rent control directly to the voters. joining us now is tom ben with the association. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> some would say rent control is crucial for the low income. what do you think is wrong with the ordinance. >> we've only built 100,000 units. therefor it's really a supply issue. unfortunately rent control is sometimes viewed as the answer. but it's only a really a short
4:31 pm
term fix to what is really a much larger problem. >> what would the answer be? do there needs to be more studies. you still have to keep your low income renters in mind. what are the answers. >> in terms of richmond our concern is the ordinance was adopted without really doing any sort of economic analysis to make a determination. it's whether or not the rent control ordinance that was being portrayed was really going to do what they said it was going to do. all you have to do is look across the rest of the state even here in the bay area you can look at san francisco, san jose, oakland all three of those communities have rent control. and they have some of the highest rents in the region. so rent control has not proved to be successful. >> okay so you're association the california apartment association you gathered more than 7,000 signatures to prevent this ordinance from going into law. but some are questioning even criticizing the way those signatures are gathered. some say they were paid, people were paid to sign the ballot or sign the petition. others claim that they thought
4:32 pm
they were signing in support of rent control. how were those signatures gathered -- sorry, how many signatures did you gather? >> we giannis -- gathered more than 7,000 signatures. they were gathered the same way that other groups gathered their signatures. >> what do you hope comes from this. the ordinance is on hold what do you expect to come. what do you want to come from this. >> our perspective is rent control really needs to be looked at and much more seriously, i mean, the issue really is that those individuals for rent control tend to assist. all you have to do is look to rent control across the country. the poor and low income are not really the one that is have
4:33 pm
benefited. our hope is that people take the time, understand the impact of what rent control can be. not just short term but long term. >> rent control might sound like it's good but you really have to understand what it's like for the low income resident but any resident. >> if the rent control is supposed to be the panacia there's no requirement whatsoever that rent control is really assisting those people that are most in need. what is going to end up happening the rental property owners are providing subsidies to anybody that happens to be in that rental unit that the time. you can have an individual in a rent controlled unit that can be making $20,000 and through a year they could be making $100,000. >> but they're still paying that same rent. >> they're still paying what is a controlled rent which means it's being subsidized. >> let's talk about where the process stand now. i understand the county has 30 days to verify and certify those signatures. where do we stand on the
4:34 pm
process now. >> we're two weeks from validating all of the signatures. once they validate the signatures it will go back to the city council in richmond. the city council will have the option to rescind or put it before the voters probably in 2016. >> what do you think will happen? what do you think the city council will choose to do. >> my thought is the council will not vote to rescind but instead they will put it on the ballot. >> when you hear rent control, you think if they put it on the ballot people are going to vote against rent control. >> i think in terms of the largest employers that are basically employing people, i mean there's ferocious employment growth in the area. everybody loves the growth that comes with the jobs. we have to address the housing issue. you can't bring in 400,000 jobs
4:35 pm
and 100,000 units it doesn't work. >> okay, we will see in two weeks we will know what the county decides to do. thank you. >> thank you very much. stopping the flow of alcohol after halftime at levi's stadium. it is a possibility an idea that is brewing with some santa clara city council members. this is in response to last week's big fight here outside the stadium after the 49ers monday night game. and at tonight's city council meeting the proposal is scheduled to be introduced today on mornings on 2 the 9:00, sal, gasia and i spoke to teresa o'neil about the story. >> pick up the phone and called the 49ers and said this is what we're thinking. this is what we're talking about. >> we're having a public meeting tonight. i don't directly deal with the 49ers. i know our city manager does on a weekly basis and i'm sure we'll be having a conversation with him tonight. we're not talking about taking alcohol away. first of all we want to do some data gathering and see where we
4:36 pm
are. and what are some best practices. i know our police department did a lot of work before the stadium opened. >> but councilwoman isn't banning alcohol after the second half one of the ideas being floated around indeed. >> yes that is an idea. so by that time though, you know people have had several hours to enjoy some alcoholic beverages and they not need to continue drinking. at what hour do we keep people from congregating. i know people have enjoyed tailgating. i've tailgated at football games at stanford. but do you need to be there five hours before the game begins. >> a lot of people thinking about this issue and remembering what happened to bryan stow when he was beaten in dodger stadium. in that case bryan stows attorneys argued that there was not enough security.
4:37 pm
not guilty -- not enough police officers at the stadium. will you ask for more police officers to the be at levi's. >> many officers are working overtime. lots of hours of overtime. we have been engaging police officers from surrounding communities as well as having private security officers. one of the items we need to look at and partially because of the complaints we have, do we have enough when you have 70,000 people at an event like that in very close quarters. does that require a level of security that we, you know beyond what we even thought was appropriate. >> and she went on to say look, the officers there in the stadium they're already working extremely hard, they're getting paid a ton of overtime which is money that goes back to the issue, maybe indeed outside agencies need to start coming in more and more.
4:38 pm
>> private security. >> maybe the sheriff department as well. >> because when you any of alcohol, that goes into the feeling of a loss. >> yes, and it's that last $10 bill at the stadium that's setting you over the top or the many hours that you've -- we're following a developing story right there on interstate 80 this is eastbound right there at the ashby avenue in berkeley. looks like three or four vehicles involved as well as a
4:39 pm
motorcyclists. you can see the ambulances on scene as well as a fire engine, traffic very slow as it makes its way into the berkeley area on this tuesday commute. the four on 2 will be right back.
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lots of restaurants offer free crayons for families trying to keep their little
4:42 pm
ones distracted during a meal. but have you ever wondered what happens to all those crayons. one father did and it prompted him to start the crayon initiative. i wanted to bring this in. this is something my son is kind of doing every day. i get home, he gets a piece of paper. he holds it. he wants to make a letter and he gives it to me. inside are all these different drawings. some of them i have no idea what they are but he sits down and describes it to me in detail. and to me it shows his creativity, imagination and i love it. i'm wondering is that what it's all about for you the crayon initiative. >> that's exactly what it's about. as an adult we come up with bigger creative ways to do things but that's exactly what it's all about. >> what was your moment that you figured out that is what it's all about. >> a few years ago i was at a restaurant and my children were coloring all over. we were talking about different ways to bring art back kids because it's one of the first things that gets cut in
4:43 pm
schools and various other locations. my background is supply chain and i was doodling with a crayon thinking what can i do with these. >> my 2-year-old is funny because she breaks all the crayons. my 5-year-old doesn't break the crayons. and i've thrown them away. 75,000pounds every year get thrown out. >> i think that's a light number. i'm thinking it's in several hundred thousand pounds. >> so you recycle them, you go to a restaurant, you give them a box and say this is where you put them in. then what happens. you get the box and it's filled with broken crayons, take us from there. >> from there they go back to our house. we're looking for space because the box is overflowing. we sort them by color and we melt them down. >> how do you melt them? >> on the cook top. >> right there on your stove. >> right there on our stove.
4:44 pm
>> you have mac and cheese on one burner and you have crayons in the other. >> exactly. >> keep going. >> we put them in a preproduction mold that we're trying out different things. then we started to build up now we have two full production molds that are 96 up crayons and we do that by color. >> got it. >> then they get sorted. not sorted but they get spread out then and colated into these boxes. >> where do they go next? >> these boxes are eight packs of crayons and they get donated at children's hospitals. >> all across the bay area or beyond? >> beyond. currently we're in three hospitals ucsf, cedar sinai and we're going to be expanding to new york. >> that's pretty powerful considering these children are fighting whatever their fighting in the hospital and it goes back to i guess the creativity and imagination. have you been to the hospital. >> we have and it's amazing to watch. we see kids, i was at ucla this week and they have a 2-year-
4:45 pm
old, we were coloring with a 2- year-old and you just hand them a box of crayons and they know instinctively what to do with it. >> and it's all because of you. it's pretty powerful. >> it's been a great experience. >> so is the goal to get them into hospitals all across the country. >> the immediate goal will be to take them to all the children's hospitals across the country. hospitals from around the world have reached out to us. the long term goal is how do we do this worldwide. >> this was my message just a couple of days ago. i'm going to have a new one in a few days. you can find out more by going to ktvu news and contribute your used crayons to this
4:46 pm
crayon initiative. just look for it there on our home page. in the weather center with rosemary orozoco. and once i got to work it was in the mid-80s. today it was in the 60s. >> a huge difference today. >> it's nice. >> pleasant today, a little more pleasant tomorrow. giving you a live look here over the east bay hills, mount diablo mostly cloudy skies and good air quality with that nice pacific air pulling through to the east by and the delta all the way to the pacific valley. take a look at the temperature change from yesterday into today. we're talking 28 degrees cooler in santa rosa. 26degrees cooler than where we were at this hour for san jose. oakland you're at 66 yesterday, 82 as keba mentioned and livermore 102 is what we hit yesterday afternoon. right now livermore about 78 degrees. a huge difference, tomorrow temperatures will warm just slightly. for many of us won't really
4:47 pm
notice so much. but we will get back to some heat before we cool down some of the weekend. we'll have details on that coming up. we have a low out in the gulf of alaska. we just continue with this thereof like pattern as we get into your midweek wednesday. along the east bay shoreline you can see crossing over into the bay as well as the east bay. and we have partly to mostly cloudy skies right now in areas right around alameda and into oakland. the on shore breeze has been quite strong all day long. fairfield 29 miles per hour. that gust, and has really not let up. nevato 28 miles per hour. and napa reporting a southernly freeze at 20. tomorrow we're going to wake up with the low clouds along the coastline. elsewhere we'll be mostly sunny as we get into the second half of the afternoon. temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s at the coast. mid- to upper 80s in other spots. the first day of fall going to feel nice for most. a little cool in some spots but not too bad.
4:48 pm
low to mid- to upper 50s. 52 santa rosa. 55 as we head to morgan hill. 52 redwood city and to the east bay, 56 tomorrow in livermore as you start the morning. afternoon highs going to feel nice. 80degrees for nevato. 78 for vallejo. 76 in berkeley. upper 60s in the forecast for berkeley. we will be partly to mostly cloudy. pacifica, 68. 85 expected for morgan hill. as we look to our forecast for the a's game tonight. it's going to be a cool one. partly cloudy skies, southwesterly breeze. 63degrees expected. the extended forecast again you have first day of fall, tomorrow. arriving early on. our temperatures will begin to rebound a little bit more. low 80s back into the forecast for inland communities but it
4:49 pm
won't last. as we get into the weekend, temperatures will be back into the 80s. >> are we going, are we staying? >> so typical for this time of the year. and we have frank somerville with some of the stories we're working on for 5:00. >> it was a horrible crash. an elderly driver hit the gas instead of the break. she went right into a gym in the east bay. one person was killed, several were injured. that person who died was a top executive for the livermore lab. >> and what's this deal with an aggressive burglar out there. >> an angry violent intruding broke into a home but boy did this guy pick the wrong home to break into. we'll tell you how the family ended upturning the tables on him. it's a great story. we'll see you at 5:00. >> very curious, thank you frank. and you may remember this blood moon in april. another is on the way but now some prominent pastors say it's more than just a spectacle in the sky. it's a sign of the end time.
4:50 pm
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taking a look at the stories making news out there on social media today. lunar eclipse is coming monday night. >> while some are expected to just see it. others are claiming it's the sign of an end time. you have mark blitz in washington state wrote a book that asserts the blood moon on september 28 is a sign that the end of this age is approaching. >> the doomsday prophesy says this the blood moon is important because it is the fourth lieu -- fourth lunar eclipse in four years. it was april 13, october 8, 2014 on the feast of the
4:53 pm
tabernacle and april 5th on pass over. >> on monday once again will be on the feast of the tabernacle. astronomers explain a blood moon happens when the moon reflects the light from the light to the shadows of the moon. >> blue hues are scattered but red hughes remain. >> note to self, the 28th. >> i just cant wait to see what happens. a lot of times couples make videos of dance. >> instead of just a toast, they decided to make their own version of drunk history video. drunk history was a comedy central show where a drunk person struggled to narrate an event in american history.
4:54 pm
>> did you ever see any episode. hilarious. so funny. >> so you're hooked. >> it was funny. so here's what justin and jill did. they got drunk then they recounted how they first met including their official first date when justin says he knew he was having dinner with his future wife. >> we really met for the first time that night and it took two years. >> i will never forget that night. that night was -- >> i forget. >> what night was that? >> april what? >> there you go. the couple just got married. >> koápt remember. >> they showed this video during the rehearsal dinner. >> the couple also got some friends to help them reenact the significant moments of their meeting originally at the event where jill was a photographer and justin was there performing as a magician. >> so a fan of drunk history. a fan of that.
4:55 pm
is it just as funny or just sort of ridiculous. >> it's just a bit much. but if you go back, i bet if you google it you can probably see some episodes. some of it was quite entertaining. >> a journalist who spent 188 days in iranian jail explains how murals are meant to spur change.
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
iranian journalist recently arrested in his home country is starting a new campaign. >> he's hoping to capture the attention of the un meeting currently under way. >> september is a good student to start this course to start a dialogue. we have artists from different parts of the world coming to new york. and talking about the situation for journalists and religious fine arts. >> reporter: this was back in 2009 when he was arrested after
4:59 pm
making jokes in a taped segment of the daily show with john stewart. he spent 110 days on espionage charges. his story was made into a movie directed by john stewart the movie called rose water. >> according to a community, iran has more than 30 journalists currently jailed second only to china. let's send it to frank and julie with a tragedy. >> a crash that happened at a gym and ended up killing a lab worker. >> a woman crashed right through the building. tonight what we're learning about a woman killed working out during a class. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville.
5:00 pm
kathie yeser was working out. it happen at lifestyle rx gym at east stanley boulevard. john sasaki is live on the scene. untorch un-- un unfortunately this all happened because the driver hit the wrong pedal. >> reporter: the driver the 80- year-old woman was parked in front of the rx lifestyle gym when she hit the gas instead of the break. people outside the gym on east stanley boulevard and stanleyville were in stunned silence after the incident. a mercedes suv crashed through the front window of the lifestyle rx gym and into a group of people working out. >> it's crazy, i just don't know what to say. and i know that the people up front must be devastated. >> reporter: six people were injured and 49-year-old kathie baker of livermore was killed. >> it's terrible. a terrible shock. you can't prepare for


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